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Signs, Circumstances, Persecution, the Antichrist- Pt 2 Enlarge Image

Signs, Circumstances, Persecution, the Antichrist- Pt 2

Susan Conroy

The world is going to end! Now I can't tell you the day nor the time, no man can, but I can tell you with certainty, this present world will be no longer. And, as the end approaches, there will be obvious signs predicting its demise.

What are these signs? Among them is a world-wide persecution of the Church, the severest and most violent in her history. And the rise of the Antichrist, a person of superior influence and charisma intent on her destruction as an attack against God Himself.

We are going to highlight the signs of the end times, the characteristics of the persecution, and the marks of the Antichrist. That way, we will not be caught unprepared. We will be ready to remain faithful and true, at the ready for Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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